We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our lumber carts. Over the past 2 years we have sold over 250 carts to homes and business's around the US, Canada, and Mexico. As of May 11th 2011 we have exhausted our supply of antique carts. At this time we do not currently plan to get anymore in stock, but there is always a possibility. If a day comes that we do get more carts we will be sure to place them here.

These are used Factory, Material, and Lumber Handling Carts. These carts were designed to move a ton of weight, and turn on a dime due to the center pivoting design. These could serve well in a shop, warehouse, lumberyard or a nursery/garden center given the proper maintenance and/or attention. Some have been sold to be used as coffee tables and other furniture. The carts can be used as is, or be refinished and restored to full working order. Weighing in at about 90 pounds these carts were built of solid materials to stand up to years of wear (many are nearly 80 years old). Below you will find our carts separated into 3 different categories based on our recommended usage for them.

Antique Lumber Cart
The Antique Carts are best suited for decoration, given their overall appearance and markings. These carts are mostly unfinished or their finish has worn off with years of use. They can be resurfaced or refinished depending on the environment they will be placed in so that they will fit the decor. Makes a great coffee table!




Functional Lumber Cart
Our Functional and Landscaping carts bear little or no markings at all, and are well suited for indoor/outdoor or shop use applications. The landscaping carts would go well in a garden or to set pots on as a display piece. Functional carts can be used for their intended shop/industrial use, keeping in mind the age of the carts. While carts labeled as "functional" may be used for moving heavy loads Wood Stock Supply urges through inspection and maintenance prior to usage and in no way guarantees functionality or safety of the cart.


Broken Lumber CartThe repairable carts represent broken carts or the parts for the carts themselves. These would be ideal for those who wish to completely restore a cart with new wood, or to use as a template to build their own.

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