We stock over 120 different colors of Pionite HPL in many different sizes. We also have the ability to special order any color of Pionite if we do not happen to stock the color you are looking for. Our laminate is shipped via UPS in heavy double corrugated cardboard boxes (up to 5 sheets per box). We can also ship via LTL Freight for larger orders. All stocked colors generally ship the same business day, and special ordering colors takes about a week (depending on availability). Please see the individual item pages for details.

Special Order Colors

Special Order (Special Finish)
Special Order (Stonex)
Special Order (Suede)

Locally Stocked Colors

Agatha (StoneX)
Agean Fresco (Suede)
Almond Jaguar (Suede)
Almond (Suede)
Almond Woodsong (Suede)
Amethyst Impression (Suede)
Angel White (Suede)
Antique Cirrus (Suede)
Baltic Fresco (Suede)
Beige Crepe (Suede)
Beige Linen (Suede)
Beige (Suede)
Bernard (Granite)
Bernard (Suede)
Bianco Marble (Suede)
Black Granite (Crystal)
Black (Suede)
Blue Pavia (Gloss)
Blue Sandstone (Suede)
Blue Spruce (Suede)
Blush Spektrum (Suede)
Blush Talc (Suede)
Cabinet Liner, Angel White
Cardamom Fiber (Suede)
Cassandra (StoneX)
Celedon Impression (Suede)
Chain Gang (Suede)
Chili Fiber (Suede)
City of Lights (Suede)
Cloud Spektrum (Suede)
Coriander Fiber (Suede)
Crocodile Rock (Suede)
Eggshell White (Suede)
Emerald Santos (Suede)
Estella (StoneX)
Eternal City (Suede)
Filleto Marble (Suede)
Folkstone Gray (Suede)
Frederick (Granite)
Frederick (StoneX)
Frederick (Suede)
Gem on the Hill (Hi-Brite)
Gin Joint In Casablanca (Gloss)
Graphite Spektrum (Suede)
Gray Chromatix (Suede)
Gray Fiesta (Suede)
Gray Santos (Suede)
Green Spektrum (Suede)
Gridlock In LA  (Suede)
Hardrock Maple (Suede)
Hearth Oak (Suede)
Hidden Jewel (Hi-Brite)
Horizon Blue Frost  (Suede)
Horizon Ethos (Suede)
Indigo Organix (Suede)
Isabella (StoneX)
Ivory Cirrus (Suede)
Ivory Kid (Suede)
Jade Pavia (Suede)
Kazu (Granite)
Kazu (Suede)
Manila Linen (Suede)
Manolin (Suede)
Marker Board (Frosty White)
Melange (Suede)
Mineral Talc (Suede)
Moroccan Fresco (Suede)
Mr Sandman (Suede)
Natural Limestone (Suede)
Neutral Santos (Suede)
Oasis in the Desert (Hi-Brite)
Oatmeal Fiber (Suede)
Olive Organix (Suede)
Opal Impression (Suede)
Opti Gray Jaguar  (Suede)
Opti Gray (Suede)
Parchment (Suede)
Pebble Mosaic (Suede)
Pebble Santos (Suede)
Printed in Tokyo (Gloss)
Pyrenees Marble (Gloss)
Rhinestone Cowboy (Suede)
Rockaby Baby (Suede)
Rock Around the Clock (Suede)
Rock Of Ages (Suede)
Rock On (Suede)
Rock The Boat  (Suede)
Rocky Mtn High (Suede)
Rocky Road (Suede)
Rose Ethos (Suede)
Rose Granite (Suede)
Ruby Granite (Suede)
Sage Coral (Suede)
Sand Chromatix (Suede)
Searching For Atlantis (Suede)
Select Butcher Block  (Suede)
Sherwood Oak (Suede)
Slate Crepe (Suede)
Slate Impression (Suede)
Smoke Granite (Gloss)
Spruce Frost (Suede)
Spruce Talc (Suede)
Storm Cirrus (Suede)
Tawny White (Suede)
Terra Cotta Organix (Suede)
Theodore (StoneX)
Thyme Fiber (Suede)
Vanilla Fiber (Suede)
Venetian Fresco (Suede)
Verde Jaguar (Suede)
Vermont Granite (Suede)
Veronica (StoneX)
Victorian Cherry (Hi-Brite)
Viola (StoneX)
Viola (Suede)
Wheat Fiber (Suede)
White Fiesta (Suede)
White Jaguar (Suede)
White Spektrum (Suede)
White (Suede)
White Talc (Suede)
White Tundra (Suede)
Wild Cherry (Suede)
Wilhelmina (Granite)
Wilhelmina (Suede)
Winter Americana (Suede)
Wisconsin Oak (Suede)
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