Hettich Drilljig VB (Connector Drilling Jig)

24 left on hand, additional units may have lead time


Includes both jigs to drill locations for both the fittings and pins/dowels. See video above for operation instructions.

Connector Fitting Jig:

  • For retrofitting structural shelves and panels
  • Single or special production
  • Precise, clean and also angled holes
  • Tungsten carbide tipped bits
  • No "runaway" of the drill bit when cut-drilling half-moon holes
  • For wood thickness of 16mm, 19mm (3/4"), and 22 mm

Shelf Pin / Dowel Jig:

  • Holes spaced at standard 32 mm intervals.
  • Fixed end stop at 37 mm.
  • 5 mm drilling diameter holes, uses standard 5mm drill bit (not included).
  • Note: Replacement 10mm (Part# 20687), and 20mm (Part# 20686) bits are available.
  • Note: The M8 x 16 bolts attached to the bits can strip out with extended use of the included ball driver. We recommend a standard 6mm hex driver without a ball end for this reason, such as these Wiha Replacement Bits. Optionally you can replace these bolts entirely with hardened steel versions from your local hardware store (you can use any style head you want, even a socket!).
  • Fun Fact: VB stands for Verbindungen, which translates to "binding together". A.K.A. Connecting Fittings!

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