7mm Dowel Drill (57mm OAL)

7mm Dowel Drill (57mm OAL)
7mm Dowel Drill (57mm OAL)

Part: DB7-57

Whiteside Machine

Availability: Usually ships within 7 to 10 days

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  • Part Number: DB7-57LH - Left RotationLeft Rotation


Cutting Diameter: 7mm
Shank Diameter: 10mm
Rotation: Right
Overall Length: 57mm

Dowel Drill List:

Cutting Dia.Brad Point (57mm)Brad Point (70mm)Thru Hole V-Point (57mm)Thru Hole V-Point (70mm)
3/16" DB187-57 (LH) DB187-70 (LH) - DT187-70 (LH)
7/32" DB218-57 (LH) DB218-70 (LH) - DT218-70 (LH)
1/4" DB250-57 (LH) DB250-70 (LH) DT250-57 (LH) DT250-70 (LH)
3/8" - DB375-70 (LH) - DT375-70 (LH)
7/16" - DB437-70 (LH) - DT437-70 (LH)
1/2" - DB500-70 (LH) - DT500-70 (LH)
3mm DB3-57SC (LHSC) DB3-70SC (LHSC) DT3-57SC (LHSC) DT3-70SC (LHSC)
4mm DB4-57 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DB4-70 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DT4-57 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DT4-70 (LH) (SC) (LHSC)
5mm DB5-57 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DB5-70 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DT5-57 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DT5-70 (LH) (SC) (LHSC)
6mm DB6-57 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DB6-70 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DT6-57 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DT6-70 (LH) (SC) (LHSC)
7mm DB7-57 (LH) DB7-70 (LH) DT7-57 (LH) DT7-70 (LH)
8mm DB8-57 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DB8-70 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DT8-57 (LH) (SC) (LHSC) DT8-70 (LH) (SC) (LHSC)
9mm DB9-57 (LH) DB9-70 (LH) DT9-57 (LH) DT9-70 (LH)
10mm DB10-57 (LH) DB10-70 (LH) DT10-57 (LH) DT10-70 (LH)
11mm DB11-57 (LH) DB11-70 (LH) DT11-57 (LH) DT11-70 (LH)
12mm DB12-57 (LH) DB12-70 (LH) DT12-57 (LH) DT12-70 (LH)
13mm DB13-57 (LH) DB13-70 (LH) DT13-57 (LH) DT13-70 (LH)
14mm DB14-57 (LH) DB14-70 (LH) DT14-57 (LH) DT14-70 (LH)
15mm DB15-57 (LH) DB15-70 (LH) DT15-57 (LH) DT15-70 (LH)
16mm DB16-57 (LH) DB16-70 (LH) - -
* All bits have a 10mm shank w/ flat. Left Hand Rotation (LH) and Solid Carbide (SC) bits are available as indicated (3mm is ONLY available in solid carbide).

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