1 7/8" Multi Side (6 or 12 Sides)

1 7/8" Multi Side (6 or 12 Sides)
1 7/8" Multi Side (6 or 12 Sides)

Part: 3506

Whiteside Machine

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A great way to join up many multi-side projects (planters, columns, barrells, etc.). Very straightforward, this joint requires routing a notch in only one edge of each stave (side). Notching also improves ease of assembly and total glue area. All bits are 1/2" shank and are designed for use in a router table with a fence guide.

Number of Sides: 6 or 12
Large Diameter: 1 7/8"
Material Thickness (maximum): 7/8"
Shank Diameter: 1/2"
Notes: On six and eight sided objects, the exterior side is cut face up on a router table. Twelve and sixteen sided objects are cut face down. The same bit (#3506) is used for six sided and twelve sided objects. Either Flush or Ribbed (outside corners protruding) construction is possible. Ribbed construction is recommended with 12 and 16 sides because the interior leg of the notch will be very small when made flush. Outside corners on ribbed construction can be cut or sanded down for fl ush appearance if desired. Location of the inside corner of the notch (i.e.- vertical bit adjustment) is important for fi nal fi nish appearance. The outside leg of the notch (closest to the exterior) should be the same length as the stock thickness for fl ush construction. This will put the inside corner of the notch in the center of the stave on six sided fl ush projects. The inside corner will be below center (furtherest from exterior side) on all others. Allow extra stock to experiment and set corner height as desired. Move notch towards exterior side (raise the bit) to increase rib size (amount of outside corner protruding). Move notch away from exterior side (lower the bit) to decrease amount of rib. Note: Bit adjustment is reversed on twelve and sixteen sides since those staves are cut face down.

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