Hardwood Lumber

Wood Stock Supply proudly distributes a wide range of domestic and imported hardwood lumber and has always focused on consistency in quality and grade at a competitive price. To achieve this we have developed long term business relationships with select lumber producers and kiln drying operations strategically positioned to provide high quality product. Limiting the number of suppliers allows us to offer higher levels of consistency in color, grade, and overall appearance.

Below is list of generally stocked lumber species. Additional sizes and grades may be available, and others can be ordered in quantity. If you would like to order any Hardwood please contact us, or call our sales department at 1-605-341-6900.

Imported Hardwood Lumber Thickness: 4/4 6/4 8/4
African Mahogany (Select & Better)   Yes Yes Yes
Brazilian Cherry (Select & Better)   Yes    
Bubinga (Select & Better)   Yes    
Genuine Mahogany (Select & Better)   Yes    
Padauk (Select & Better)   Yes    
Purple Heart (Select & Better)   Yes    
Zebrawood (Select & Better)   Yes    
Domestic Hardwood Lumber (Random Width) Thickness: 4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4
Alder (Superior Grade)   Yes   Yes Yes
Alder (Premium Frame, 6" & Wider)   Yes      
Alder (Premium Frame)   Yes      
Aromatic Ceder (#1 Common)   Yes     Yes
Ash (Select & Better)   Yes   Yes Yes
Yellow Birch (Select & Better)   Yes   Yes Yes
Cherry (#1 Common)   Yes      
Cherry (Face & Better) Prem 90/90   Yes      
Cherry (Face & Better) Prem 90/60   Yes   Yes Yes
Cherry (Face & Better) 80/50   Yes      
Cherry (Rustic)   Yes      
Hard Maple (Select & Better, 1&2 White)   Yes   Yes Yes
Hard Maple (Select, Narrow)   Yes      
Hard Maple (Select & Better, #3 White)   Yes      
Hard Maple (Select & Better) "Birds-eye"   Yes      
Soft Maple (Select & Better)   Yes   Yes Yes
Soft Maple (Select & Better) "Sap" 1 Face   Yes     Yes
Soft Maple (Select & Better) "Curly"   Yes      
Soft Maple (#1C & Better) "Wormy"   Yes      
Hickory (Select & Better)   Yes     Yes
Hickory (Rustic)   Yes      
Hickory (#2A Common)   Yes      
Red Oak (First & Seconds / 1 Face)     Yes Yes Yes
Red Oak (First & Seconds / 1 Face) "Northern"   Yes      
Red Oak (First & Seconds / 1 Face) "Appalachian"   Yes      
Red Oak (First & Seconds / 1 Face) Wide   Yes      
Red Oak (Select, Narrow)   Yes      
Red Oak (Select & Better) Quarter Sawn   Yes      
Red Oak (Select & Better) Rift Sawn   Yes      
Walnut (Select & Better)   Yes   Yes Yes
Walnut (#1 Common)   Yes      
Domestic Hardwood Lumber (Dimensional) Size: 1x4" 1x6" 1x8" 1x10" 1x12"
Red Oak (Surface 2 Sides, Straight Line Rip / 2 Edge)   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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