Wood Stock Supply is proud of our extensive plywood offering, ranging from Select grades to the increasingly popular Rustic grades. We offer a wide variety of species, cores, and grades striving to offer our customers the highest value products possible. Wood Stock Supply is pleased to feature Murphy Hardwood Plywood, and Roseburg Forest Products to accomplish this goal.

Hardwood plywood is manufactured using three basic components, a face veneer, a back veneer, and a core. Common reasons for using plywood instead of solid stock are cost effectiveness, resistance to cracking, shrinking, twisting/warping, and its general high degree of strength. Wood Stock Supply primarily stocks three core types, each core has unique characteristics which can be beneficial in different applications.

Plywoods Thickness: 5/32" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4"
Alder     Yes     Yes
Ash     Yes     Yes
Birch   Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Cedar (Aromatic)     Yes      
Cherry     Yes   Yes Yes
Hickory     Yes   Yes Yes
Knotty Pine     Yes     Yes
Lauan Bending Ply (4x8 or 8x4)       Yes    
Mahogany (Royal)     Yes     Yes
Maple (Natural, Prefinished)     Yes   Yes Yes
Maple (White)     Yes     Yes
Red Oak   Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Soft Maple (Wormy)     Yes     Yes
Walnut     Yes     Yes
White Oak (quarter sawn)     Yes     Yes
Medium Density Fiber Core (MDF)

MDF is made from fine wood fibers mixed with a binder and is then heat-pressed into panels. This material is extremely stable to work with, and is typically very consistent from batch to batch. The surface below the veneer is typically free of voids and blisters, which results in better veneer consistency and bonding. With this better bonding of the wood veneer, there is less chipping during a crosscut operation. This material is easy to machine either by saw or router, and the cut edges are excellent for glue adhesion. The single biggest disadvantage of this product is it is the heaviest of the three cores.

Composite Core Crossband

This material consist of a core material, of 3 hardwood crossbands, overlaid with a pressed fiber material. In short, this is a typical veneer core plywood (common plywood) with an MDF cross band surface. One major advantage of this product is that it offers the preferred weight and strength of VC and the stability of MDF.

Veneer Core Hardwood Plywood (VC)

Veneer Core plywood is made from alternating layers or plies with a surface veneer of a finished wood grain. This construction gives VC plywood a distinct advantage over others because the grain direction of the layers of veneer alternate, making the panel extremely strong in all directions. This is a lightweight material, and easy to handle.

Particle Board Core Plywood (PBC)

Wood Stock Supply can supply this core with hardwood face and back veneers, but generally offers MDF cores. PBC uses a coarser wood fiber than MDF. Because of this, it has a slightly lower weight, but the edges and surfaces are not as smooth and consistent. Most melamine products use PBC as the substrate.

Veneer Cuts
  • P.S. (Plain Sliced) / (F.S. - Flat Sawn) - The log is cut in half, slicing is done parallel to a line through the center of the log opposite the heart, generating a variant
  • R.C.(Rotary Cut) - The cut follows the log's annular growth rings; veneer is exceptionally wide, yields variegated grain. This cut is generally available in a spliced or in a whole piece face, AKA one piece face.
  • Q.S. (Quarter Sawn) - The log is quartered, slicing is done with the growth rings striking the knife at 90% angle, leaving you a series of stripes and in some species fleck.
  • R.S. (Rift Sawn) - The log has been quartered, slicing is done with the growth rings striking the knife slightly off a 90% angle, producing a straight or comb like grain minimizing fleck.
Imported Plywood

Wood Stock Supply has developed extensive sourcing to supply our growing imported plywood customer base. With the ever-changing market conditions and supply dynamics, this business segment is one of the most rapidly changing in the lumber industry.

The variables of supply, price, and quality necessitate constant market analysis, and Wood Stock Supply has developed the market and business relationships to ensure the performance and quality of the products we carry.

Imported Plywood Thickness: 3mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm
Russian Birch (5x5)   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
White Birch (4x8)     Yes   Yes   Yes
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