Solid Surface

Mystera Solid Surface - Glacier Countertop

Originally developed in the mid 1990's Mystera Solid Surface is the original veined solid surface. The depth of color and richness of Mystera is not matched by any other veined solid surface currently on the market. Architects, Designers, and Homeowners can create endless options only limited by their imaginations. The color palette offers multiple options through the Platinum and Fusion Series with multiple colors and non-directional veining patterns. The Winsome Series offers linear veining with a distinct direction.

Mystera also offers a line of particulate colors that match many of the popular colors available today from other surface vendors. The Artisan series is competitively priced and in most cases will beat the competition when value engineering of a project is required. There are many different uses for Mystera from kitchen countertops to wall cladding.

Because Mystera is nonporous, it is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria, this makes it a preferred material used in a multitude of areas, such as: Healthcare Facilities, Nurses Stations, Operating Rooms & Showers. For the Hospitality and Commercial industries Mystera is a great fit for food service lines, tabletops, concession stands, vanities, showers, store fixtures, window sills, toilet partitions, wainscoting and furniture.

Winsome Series
The Winsome colors have linear veins with a distinct direction that runs the length of the sheet. The variation within each color is subtle with soft contrasts moving in and out of the pattern. These colors were selected specifically to support commercial design palettes, in addition to having residential applications. The neutral shades are versatile and can be paired with a wide array of colors. Thought should be given to laying out the linear design for "L" shaped countertops.
Fusion Series
The Fusion colors have multi-directional veining and typically show two color tones. Most Fusion colors offer a quiet backdrop for featured design elements.
Platinum Series
The Platinum colors, like the Fusion colors, have multi-directional veining. However, Platinum colors have more pigmentation to create a richer presentation. The bold look of the Platinum colors can be used as a focal point, or mixed with other contrasting designs.
Artisan Series
The Artisan series offers a wide range of colors in particulate and solid visuals. The colors are appropriate for all commercial applications and can be used in residential design when a quieter pallette is specified. The simplicity of the design will fit the budget for most any project.
Ideal for use in
  • Single Family Homes
    Primary, Vacation
  • Multi-Family housing
    Apartments, Condos
  • Recreation
    RVs, Yachts
  • Healthcare
    Hospitals, Clinics, Health Clubs
  • Entertainment
    Casinos, Theaters, Sports Facilities
  • Fixtures
    Store, Gaming
  • Education
    University Housing, Classrooms, Food Service
  • Hospitality
    Hotels, Restaurants, Theme Parks
Endless Applications
  • Countertops
  • Vanity Tops
  • Table Tops
  • Shower Walls
  • Wall Cladding
  • Privacy Partitions
  • Fixtures
  • Signage
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