Skylight Pull - 224mm (Elusive Golden Nickel)

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Other Finishes Available:
  • Part Number: HH075422-14 - Polished Nickel
  • Part Number: HH075422-SS - Stainless Steel
  • Part Number: HH075422-VB - Vintage Bronze
  • Part Number: HH075422-MB - Matte Black
  • Part Number: HH075422-BGB - Brushed Golden Brass


The Skylight collection was inspired by contemporary kitchen design, taking the elements of architecture to its simplest forms: the square and the 90 degree angle. This group embodies the balance of proportion.

  • Type: Pull
  • Finish: Elusive Golden Nickel
  • Hole Spacing: 224mm
  • Diameter: N/A
  • Projection: 1-1/4"
  • Base: N/A
  • Width: 7/16"
  • Length: 9-1/4"
  • Tap: 1/4-20
  • Family: Skylight
  • Category: Contemporary
  • UPC#: 78555864125
  • Weight: 0.4

The Skylight Collection
Part # Type Center to Center Length/Width Finish
HH075326-EGN Pull 3" 3-3/8" Elusive Golden Nickel
HH075327-EGN Pull 96mm 4-3/16" Elusive Golden Nickel
HH075328-EGN Pull 128mm 5-7/16" Elusive Golden Nickel
HH075329-EGN Pull 160mm 6-3/4" Elusive Golden Nickel
HH075336-EGN Pull 12" 12-7/16" Elusive Golden Nickel
HH075337-EGN Pull 18" 18-1/2" Elusive Golden Nickel
HH075341-EGN Knob   1-1/4" Elusive Golden Nickel
HH075422-EGN Pull 224mm 9-1/4" Elusive Golden Nickel
HH075326-14 Pull 3" 3-3/8" Polished Nickel
HH075327-14 Pull 96mm 4-3/16" Polished Nickel
HH075328-14 Pull 128mm 5-7/16" Polished Nickel
HH075329-14 Pull 160mm 6-3/4" Polished Nickel
HH075336-14 Pull 12" 12-7/16" Polished Nickel
HH075337-14 Pull 18" 18-1/2" Polished Nickel
HH075341-14 Knob   1-1/4" Polished Nickel
HH075422-14 Pull 224mm 9-1/4" Polished Nickel
HH075326-SS Pull 3" 3-3/8" Stainless Steel
HH075327-SS Pull 96mm 4-3/16" Stainless Steel
HH075328-SS Pull 128mm 5-7/16" Stainless Steel
HH075329-SS Pull 160mm 6-3/4" Stainless Steel
HH075336-SS Pull 12" 12-7/16" Stainless Steel
HH075337-SS Pull 18" 18-1/2" Stainless Steel
HH075341-SS Knob   1-1/4" Stainless Steel
HH075422-SS Pull 224mm 9-1/4" Stainless Steel
HH075326-VB Pull 3" 3-3/8" Vintage Bronze
HH075327-VB Pull 96mm 4-3/16" Vintage Bronze
HH075328-VB Pull 128mm 5-7/16" Vintage Bronze
HH075329-VB Pull 160mm 6-3/4" Vintage Bronze
HH075336-VB Pull 12" 12-7/16" Vintage Bronze
HH075337-VB Pull 18" 18-1/2" Vintage Bronze
HH075341-VB Knob   1-1/4" Vintage Bronze
HH075422-VB Pull 224mm 9-1/4" Vintage Bronze
HH075326-MB Pull 3" 3-3/8" Matte Black
HH075327-MB Pull 96mm 4-3/16" Matte Black
HH075328-MB Pull 128mm 5-7/16" Matte Black
HH075329-MB Pull 160mm 6-3/4" Matte Black
HH075336-MB Pull 12" 12-7/16" Matte Black
HH075337-MB Pull 18" 18-1/2" Matte Black
HH075341-MB Knob   1-1/4" Matte Black
HH075422-MB Pull 224mm 9-1/4" Matte Black
HH075326-BGB Pull 3" 3-3/8" Brushed Golden Brass
HH075327-BGB Pull 96mm 4-3/16" Brushed Golden Brass
HH075328-BGB Pull 128mm 5-7/16" Brushed Golden Brass
HH075329-BGB Pull 160mm 6-3/4" Brushed Golden Brass
HH075336-BGB Pull 12" 12-7/16" Brushed Golden Brass
HH075337-BGB Pull 18" 18-1/2" Brushed Golden Brass
HH075341-BGB Knob   1-1/4" Brushed Golden Brass
HH075422-BGB Pull 224mm 9-1/4" Brushed Golden Brass

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